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Sunburst Now Offers Carnegie Speech

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carnegie Speech was founded as a company to share and commercialize innovative language and voice recognition learning technologies from Carnegie Mellon University.

CMU's faculty in the Department of Cognitive and Computational Neurorscience are dedicated to pioneering applications that connect how the brain works to practical skills such as language acquisition. Their patents are used by leading universities, global training institutions and governments to positively impact learning.

We are excited to introduce Carnegie ESL (English as a Second Language) and Carnegie ESP (Early Speech Program).

Carnegie English as a Second Language offers patented "Contrastive Linguistic Analysis" (CLA), a voice recognition technology that instantaneously compares any native speakers own first language to their English speaking. Every syllable, word construct, and all grammar is analyzed real-time to create an individual adaptive learning path.

Carnegie Early Speech Program offers a full screening benchmark for English fluency that is appropriate for K-5 learners. The patented voice recognition technology creates a customized IEP for each learner based on their screening and continuous progress (or challenges) of key skills across pronunciation and word stress.

We look forward to sharing details about these innovative programs in the weeks to come.

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