Adaptive Voice & Speech Recognition Technology for Spoken English Language Learning Proficiency

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What is Carnegie Speech?

Carnegie Speech is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken English language skills. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies from Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech provides educators with cost-effective, scalable and personalized spoken language instruction that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes instruction time. Carnegie Speech believes that to truly learn a new language, students must be able to be understood - and understand - when speaking or listening to a new language. Carnegie Speech's software teaches speaking and listening skills to non-native English speakers so students can advance at grade level expectations.

Carnegie ESL

Carnegie English as a Second Language offers "Contrastive Linguistic Analysis" (CLA) which uses the student's native language to both anticipate the errors they will make when speaking English and provide the most effective remediation strategies for those errors. Together with Carnegie's patented "Pinpointing Technology" that can diagnose exactly what is wrong with a student's speech and give instructions on the corrections needed, every syllable, word construct, and all grammar is analyzed real-time to create an individual adaptive learning path. 65 native reference languages.

Carnegie ESP

Carnegie Early Speech Program offers a full screening benchmark for English fluency that is appropriate for K-5 learners. The patented voice recognition technology creates a customized IEP for each learner based on their screening and continuous progress (or challenges) of key skills across pronunciation and word stress.

Carnegie Speech's Legacy

Carnegie Speech's staff includes world-class technologists and linguists whose expertise has been acknowledged with honors ranging from Fulbright Scholarships to Ph.D.'s. Through their talents and contributions, Carnegie Speech's language training technologies are unsurpassed in their functionality and effectiveness.

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