Oral English Screening & Advancement Program for Elementary Speech & New English Speakers

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What is Carnegie ESP?

Carnegie ESP provides schools and districts a practical screening and advancement solution for the nearly 1 of 5 early learners who struggle with English language oral fluency related to processing, development or second language factors.

Carnegie ESP concentrates on helping young learners with oral language processing and development. The program concentrates on the key sub-skills associated with Pronunciation and Prosody (or word stress). At an early age, students struggling with oral English difficulties need to be able to concentrate on speaking fluency connected with key skills like speaking proper phonemes and tones which support key reading skills such as phonics and phonemic awareness.

Carnegie ESP offers a full screening benchmark for every student that is specifically appropriate for K-5 learners. Students are assessed with diagnostic passages that are both age appropriate and speech modeled in advance in order to eliminate any false connection to broader "reading" issues a learner may be experiencing. The Carnegie Speech patented voice recognition technology creates a customized IEP for each learner based on both their screening and their continuous progress (or challenges).

Unlike traditional school speech and ESL fluency programs facing limited staff available to assess, monitor and adapt early learners for progress, the Carnegie ESP program leverages multiple technology patents to make the instruction more efficient. Individual results improve by the efficient recording and playback of the automatically analyzed speech lessons together with comprehensive data on each young learner's individual speech lesson progress.

With Carnegie Speech's Intelligent Tutor and Contrastive Linguistic Analysis methodology, the Carnegie ESP program dynamically and continuously is informed by each learner's interaction with the prescribed lessons, including those where English is their second language. The Carnegie ESP solution is able to:

  • Provide a customized benchmark assessment of every language learner;
  • Customize every learner's lessons progress and/or remediation steps with proprietary adaptive technology;
  • Anchor a learner's speech development against all pronunciation characteristics of 65 native languages and/or their own profile;
  • Provide real-time tutorial hints and processing aids (video, illustration, model speech) for all lessons;
  • Archive all learner speaking sessions and lesson recordings allowing for teacher/administrator review and progress measurement;
  • Teacher administrative counsel to measure progress for each learner, the whole class, and the entire student population across all skills.

Carnegie Speech is a commercial enterprise spun out from extensive university and federal R&D grants at with expertise from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science and the Language Technologies Institute. the largest R&D institute on Language Technologies in the world.

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