Comprehensive ESL-based Speaking Proficiency Software for All Non-Native English Speakers

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What is Carnegie ESL?

Increase pronunciation scores 100% in 10 hours of speaking practice

Carnegie ESL provides schools and districts a practical solution to the #1 problem facing the 8 million current ELL and ESL program students - English language speaking fluency.  

Effective English speech is an outcome from proper instruction in the 4 main underlying components of oral language processing and development.  Pronunciation, Grammar, Fluency and Prosody (or word "stress").  An effective speaking fluency program for English language learners must focus on all four of these areas to succeed and deliver progress on an individual learner basis. 

This important foundation is the domain of speech pathologists and ELL experts employed within schools. Unlike traditional school speech and ESL fluency programs facing limited staff available to assess, monitor and adapt learners for progress, Carnegie Speech's programs use proprietary voice recognition technology to make the instruction more efficient and record and leverage comprehensive data on each ELL to demonstrate greater and more rapid success.

Carnegie Speech is a commercial enterprise spun out from extensive university and federal R&D grants with expertise from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science and the Language Technologies Institute.  Carnegie Speech's proprietary pinpointing technology allows for a multi foundational application of data from each of the four components of oral English (pronunciation, grammar, fluency and prosody).  Together with further technologies (i.e. - Carnegie Speech's Intelligent Tutor and Contrastive Linguistic Analysis methodology), Carnegie ESL technology dynamically and continuously is informed by each learner's interaction with the prescribed lessons.  The solution is able to:

  • Provide a customized benchmark assessment of every language learner; 
  • Customize every learner's lessons progress and/or remediation steps with proprietary adaptive technology;
  • Anchor a learner's speech development against all grammar, pronunciation and fluency requirements of 65 native languages;
  • Provide real-time tutorial hints and processing aids (video, illustration, model speech) for more than 400 sub-skills;
  • Archive all learner speaking sessions and lesson recordings allowing for teacher/administrator review and progress measurement;
  • Teacher administrative counsel to measure progress for each learner, the whole class, and the entire student population across all skills.

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent tutoring technology has been shown to accelerate learning by a factor of 3 by selecting the key skills needed and presenting lessons matching those needed skills.
  • Patented pinpointing technology provides immediate, understandable and actionable error analysis and instruction.
  • Contrastive language analysis between English and over 65 different native languages. This analysis is used by the intelligent tutor to customize the content of their lessons.
  • Remediation to the student gives detailed instructions on exactly how to eliminate errors through text, graphics, video and audio.
  • Progress reports can be emailed to students, teachers, and supervisors on a weekly basis.
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